For the online RPG rookies, I will be providing a glossary for some of the terms here. Click on the links to acquire the files and/or programs mentioned herein.

Character Creation

All characters are Level 1. All official printed WotC material is valid. Any homebrew or third-party material needs GM approval. More info on races and such is on the Campaign World page.

Of course, you can use the Official D&D 4e Character Builder, but remember that you must have a D&D Insider subscription in order to get the latest updates. For those of you who do not have the Character Creator (or don’t wish to pay for the updates), you can whip up a quick 1st-level character with tinwatchman’s D&D 4E Starting Character Generator. It even outputs the character in an easy-to-handle text block format. I will have more chargen options on the Links page.

Online Gaming

We will be playing primarily through MapTool. Don’t worry about setting it up; I will do all that all on my end. Just download the main program and send me your characters so that I can put them in the character macros. The first session will be designed to allow you a chance to learn the controls.

All IC communication will be done by the MapTool chat window. OOC will be on Teamspeak or another IM program. This will keep down clutter and prevent mixups as to who is doing what when.

Character Backgrounds

PLEASE DO A BACKGROUND FOR YOUR CHARACTER. Nothing fancy, we don’t need you doing your best Robert E. Howard here. Just something to build off of. The very nature of the campaign depends on your characters having real motivations behind them, so try not to skimp.

In fact, you should use the Ten-Minute Background to write up your characters. I find it offers the best balance between characters development and plot hook generation.


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