Greetings and well met, adventurers! Welcome to the Laughing Hound Tavern and Inn!

Name’s Charal. I run this here establishment. I used to do the adventuring thing as well. Well, back in my day, “adventuring” was an old Dwarven word for “Kill monsters and take their stuff”!

Haw haw haw! Haw Ha…hack wheeze spit

Anyways, I take it by the gear and the such that you wan’ the lowdown on the area, monsters, treasures, and the like. Especially the treasures, eh? Well, I can only tell ya this: after the Border Wars, the lands have changed a lot. All the old lands folks like me cleared out has gotten wild again. The world need hard men (and wimmin, I seppose) to carve a new civilazation out of that stubborn rock.

You thin’ that just becasue you can sling a spell or swing a sword, that you ready to take this on, huh? Hah! Well best of luck to you, traveler. Yer gonna need it! Haw haw cough snort fart

This is the world of the Laughing Hound Chronicles. A D&D 4E sandbox-style campaign from a fledgling DM that has no earthly idea what the hell he is doing.

The Laughing Hound Chronicles

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